About Adult Inclusive Design

AID – Adult Inclusive Design is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme for the period of 2020 to 2022. The objective of the AID project is for older people to play an active role in our society by making it more inclusive and by being the link to different realities.

The project aims to increase the learners competences in new technologies and improve social awareness, which involve the ability to understand and empathize with others, particularly with people from different backgrounds than one’s own.

In addition, listening to people, understanding and solving problems collectively, taking advantage of all the experience of aged people are all essential elements that contribute also in creating the sustainable development which purpose Agenda 2030.

Participation in the project will cause the learners to open up to other cultures, increase their knowledge about other communities and the change of view on the reality that surrounds us improving integration and contributing to overcome stereotypes. It will improve social inclusion by exchanges of innovative experiences using new technologies.

All of this will make them strengthen their social sensitivity and sense of “European community”. Therefore, one vehicle to get older people to be volunteers is the new technology, it will make easier the participation in the activities of all the community for an inclusive society that will increase the number of people connected and integrated in the society.

Overview & Objectives of the AID Web-App

The AID Web-App is a compilation of online tools, which offer support to mentors through at least 8 podcasts, 12 tools/practices and 12 reflection questions among others.

It is a tool complementary to the curriculum of O1. At the same time it is a stand-along tool, which can be used by any person, who would like to become more inclusive and want to nurture.

After a training, participants are often very motivated, but sometimes this intention is getting lost through the daily routine in an office.

For the AID Web-App, the goal is to give ongoing support and help volunteers who are building a bridge through the use of tools and resources that mentors can follow on a daily basis for several weeks. These ongoing messages will resource the volunteers 50 plus aged and recharge their batteries.

The content of the Web-App connects different scientific background knowledge, such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence, soft skills cultivation and volunteering in a new way to support volunteers in a holistic way and according to the latest research.